2180 School Kits Distributed-in 50 Govt. Primary Schools-Anantapuramu District

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Everyone knows that Anantapuramu is a drought area, due to very less rainfall. ASWA is doing different activities from 2011, like Visiting & Supporting Orphanage Homes, Conducting Sessions in Govt Schools, Financial Help to Poor Students and Patients, Plantation and Food Distribution etc., Anyone can join us who can spend an hour in a month at Anantapur @ 9849685946.

ASWA has been working with many friendly NGOs, whenever and where ever possible. Mr. Kamalanath (through is NGO NKCSS) has been doing few activities in Anantapur district. In continuation to the collective little work which we have been doing, this year ASWA and NKCSS jointly started an inspiring activity of School Kits Distribution in Govt. Primary Schools to support marginalized children and also motivate them to turn up to school regularly. We mainly focused on rural Govt Primary Schools where children are from very poor and also the schools which don’t have proper facilities.

We distributed 2180 School Kits worth of 3.5 Lakhs in 50 Primary Schools started on 30th June, 2016 at MPP Primary School, Singampalli Thanda, Athmakur and ended on 9th August, 2018 at MPP Primary school, Regatipalli, Dhramavaram.

School Kits consists of School bag, Slate, Slate Pencil, 5 Note books, Eraser, Sharper, Pen, Pencil, Tables book, Box and Scale. Among 2180 School Kits 1180 kits are excluding School Bags.

Main reason and people behind the success of this entire activity are Donors and Volunteers. They worked hard in identifying needy schools and also participated directly to make sure that Kits reached the beneficiaries. Kudos to every one who are part of this superb event. This means a lot to the kids of that age based on psychological and financial backgrounds.

Participated Volunteers: Sri. N.Satya Narayana
N.Kamal Nath
N.Sujay Nath
Dheeraj Kumar
Chandra Mouli
Basha Bhai
Bharath Kumar

ASWA is very happy to work with NKCSS in reaching as many rural kids. Our special appreciations to the team who worked hard behind the screens to make this happen; Sri. Kamalanath (Founder of NKCSS), P Naveen Kumar (ASWA ATP Chapter Coordinator) and B. Naresh Kumar (ASWA Treasurer).
Love all-Serve allTEAM ASWAATP Chapterwww.aswa4u.org

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