34th Blood Donation Camp on 15th September Sunday 9am for Thalassemia Kids at SR Nagar, Hyderabad

*ASWA 34th Blood Donation Camp*

✳ *Blood Donation Week :: 09-09-2019 to 15-09-2019.*
*To do in this week :*

1. Motivate your friends , colleagues, Relatives to Blood Donation .

2. Create awareness about Blood Donation and Thalassemia Awareness in your circle.

3. Post Blood donation invitation,posters, pamphlets in your social network sites like Facebook gmail whatsapp hike …etc

4. Pasting posters on walls , noticeboards in institutions , hostels , busstop …etc

🔴 Every volunteer try to motivate 5⃣ donors to Blood Donation in our 34th blood camp on

✅ *15th Sep-2019 at Srinivasa Nagar Community Hall, SRNagar.*

Love all-Serve all

Anil. CH


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