About Us

Hi Serving Hearts,

Welcome to AMMA Social Welfare Association

Indeed, we appreciate and thankful for your kind Interest in Serving Others. With our collaboration you can easily reach your ambition of Serving Poor & Needy. Indeed it’s our fortune to join hands with a dedicated heart like you for a Noble Cause. Your initiation by any means is always ours inspiration.

1 Hour (or) Little Contribution is enough
Your financial status is not at all an obstacle to Service the society. You can also change the lives of many poor and needy easily with your little time. Your valuable 1 hour in a month is enough to make a difference in the lives of many unloved, unwanted and uncared people.

Your participation as a Volunteer/ Donor / Adviser surely motivates most of our volunteers and participants and gives a ray of hope to many underprivileged. Fill the below Join Us form.


Mail Updates: We add you directly to the Group Mailing List based on JOIN US form info.

You can mail to amma.aswa@gmail.com to unsubscribe from mails