Diversified Activities

Amma Social Welfare Association (ASWA) has been doing many activities in diversified fields like Education, Health, Happiness, and Environment & Rural Development to help the needed in the community.  Our objective is not just helping others, but also to establish the idea in everyone that serving the society is our responsibility. We instituted with 10-15 volunteers, and after 10 years we are more than 500 including direct and indirect participation. ASWA is entirely a volunteer-based organization. They are the strength of the organization. They have contributed their free time and weekends for the association.

Our approach is different from most of the organizations who concentrate mostly on activities, we equally emphasize our focus on creating more volunteers. We also provide guidance, exposure, experience and an opportunity to Self study in understanding this service space better and thus inculcating the habit of serving as part and parcel of their lifestyle. ASWA prepares volunteers to do, lead and organize activities whenever and where ever they want. In this journey, we aim to ignite them that “Helping others is not a social service, it’s our social responsibility.

According to the needs of the beneficiaries and also interest of the serving hearts we have multiple projects. Few activities are aiming to give immediate HAPPINESS to the beneficiary and satisfaction to the Serving Heart in the name of SEVA, without getting into the much deeper aspect of change. Few activities are focusing on the CHANGE we want to see in their lives, preferably long term and sustainable.