ASWA is a non profitable organization established in April, 2008 with group of friends who committed to promote the feeling of ‘Love All- Serve All’ in every individual and contribute towards just and humane society. During Last 10 years, ASWA conducted different interventions and programs in the field of school Education, Health, Environment and Well-being.

ASWA VISION is “To see society as a happy and healthy place to live in, where every individual involves for the creation of a sustainable social environment”

ASWA Mission is “to develop active, productive, responsible and caring citizens; by taking up activities to imbibe ‘Giving back to society” is  everyone’s responsibility, Promoting ‘Love All- Serve All”  through activities which helps people who are uncared, need of economical and  emotional support, Organizing activities to counter illiteracy among people all stages, involving society in making green environment, making determined citizens by applying 360o dream plan of ASWA”.

An Intro….

AMMA, the mother, the symbol of unconditional love, inspires us to give away the similar love towards the society. It all started with a small visit to a rehabilitation center along with a few friends on the New Years Eve. Later on April 27th, 2008, we named our group as AMMA Social Welfare Association and registered under Societies Act (Regd. No. 14/2010).For these ten years, we have been successful in conducting many activities in different projects covering different aspects of the society.