Ten years is a very long time within which even giant organizations backed by crores of rupees, disappear without trace. But if an NGO which is serving the society for ten years and survives successfully without any grants and funds from government or overseas funding, then it is nothing short, but a miracle. I had the privilege of observing this organization overcoming obstacles while it has evolved from a charitable trust to a holistic human movement.

I know most of the volunteers personally from the days when they had just come to Hyderabad in search of a job. None of them is financially rich, but has very rich values ingrained in their DNA by working in ASWA. When such people who are willing to spend a little amount of money and few hours of time for the sake of society to come together and plan their work meticulously, putting efforts sincerely then the result that we get to see is a feast to our eyes, music to our ears .

Many people are astonished when they come to know that this phenomenal success by ASWA in social service is not backed by any grants or funding. Feeding poor and hungry people, donating blood regularly to the children affected with thalassemia, teaching government school children, giving career guidance to confused / misguided students, Spending quality time with people in orphanages, old age homes, funding higher education or costly medical treatments, thriving hard to protect and nurture our environment are some of the activities ASWA volunteers perform while they continuously stay alive enriching and energizing themselves with a dose of wit and humor. I know that once we taste the felicity in helping others, every other pleasure in life appears to be minuscule. While I was a part of organizations which started with a bang, bubbling with enthusiasm to do lot of social service in early years only to fizzle away within few years, I find it astonishing to see ASWA growing leaps and bounds in the past ten years almost on verge of realizing the ASWA founders dream of establishing a permanent center for human enlightenment.  They steadily pursue guidance and motivation from experienced elders to build enduring relationships with the volunteers which help them in increasing their efforts exponentially.

I can confidently say that ASWA’s model of making a difference in the society has taken a solid shape spectacularly which should be replicated as it is everywhere, to achieve divinity in humanity. My advice to all the volunteers of ASWA is to maintain the same strong bond amongst each other; never let others divide or discourage you from achieving the best in human endeavors. Obstacles are those fearful sights we see when we take our eyes off our goals. But the Goal of ASWA is to stand tall and majestic before our eyes, so we should all thrive hard in the life journey of our life to achieve it covering miles of smiles all along the way.

Yours faithfully

Dr. Sundar Raj Perumall

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