Career Guidance

How many choices does a student have after completing class 10?

Two? Three? Maximum Five? NO!! There are MANY MORE!!

We all know that the career of a student takes a sharp turn after class 10. The students should be able to decide the path for their future here.

ASWA has decided to guide the students in making the right career choice. We have prepared a Career Guidance Booklet which consists of all the subjects, groups, courses that a student can choose. The booklet contains information that has been sourced from 200 websites which helps students to envision and pursue their career choice or goal.

2017-2018, ASWA has succeeded in distributing 60,000 copies of career guidance booklets in almost every district of AP and Telangana. Thanks to all the local serving individuals and NGOs who helped us in distributing and taking up to each student.

Daily we receive calls from more than 2 students for guidance. We are so happy to receive their calls, answer their queries and hear from them that the booklet has helped them show different paths.