ASWA, in its expansion, has started its activities in Anantapur from 2011. Though we have very less strength of volunteers, with the available volunteers and giving support, we could do these many activities.

This year’s success in Anantapur is the sports event we conducted sports event for the government school students in August month.
This sports event intends to inspire students to participate more in physical activities.
Totally 11 schools have registered. 5 schools have participated in the cricket competition. We have given Rs 7000 for the winning team and Rs 4000 to the runner-up.

This year plans
1. School kit distribution to students in 50 -70 government schools.
2. Regular food distribution
3. Plantation drive
4. Carrer guidance session starting from August
5. Conduct Medical camps in rural areas
6. Create awareness on blood donation and fulfill blood requests as much as possible


ASWA – Naveen

I had a desire to serve from childhood.But I thought a person needs money to help others. Still, I used to help others to whatever extent I can. In 2011, when I came to Hyderabad, I visited Mother Theressa Ashram where I have met ASWA. The journey continues with ASWA, and I hope it holds all my life.

ASWA says that one hr of time is enough to serve the society. It attracted me, and I have joined as a volunteer. I came from Anantapur which is famous for its drought. I wanted to do service there to the extent I can. Fortunately, I moved to Banglore, and I could do activities with the guidance of Srinivas Garu. Later I took the lead for the events in Anantapur. I have learned many things while working with ASWA. It taught me leading people, collaborating with people and become a better team player. I am looking forward to hep ASWA reach its goal and make this society a much happier place to live. I am thankful to ASWA for letting me be a part of it.

Any of people are interested to do something for society but very less people get a chance to work.

We work over vast areas around all over world to eliminate poverty. We work to provide proper hygiene and education for the children living in the slums.

Date Event Type Event link Location Conducted By
17-07-2018 Career Guidance ATP Naveen