CHDHC is a collective, working for the inner transformation of all humans by inculcating universal human values education (Jeevan Vidya). 

Vision: To contribute to the realization of harmony in self, family, society, and nature/existence.
Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness (CHDHC)
  • Mission: Inculcate Universal Human Values in every individual, school, and college as a right to education.
  • To disseminate proposals of “Universal Human Values Education”
  • To prepare committed facilitators/mentors to inculcate Universal Human Values in teachers, students, and Organizations.
  • To develop necessary knowledge infrastructure (Books, Reading materials, Videos) 
  • To experiment and demonstrate best teaching and learning practices in Universal Human Values Education
  • To form a community that is interested in exploring themselves, their relationship with others, and the world

A decade’s journey of ASWA in the selfless social work, first 5 years is called Phase-1 where we are learning many things while doing different social service activities. The second 5 years is called phase-2, where we are understanding the causes for different social imbalances while continue doing the same activities. Now, we are in the third phase (10 to 20 Years), we are planning to dedicate our lives to creating an impact in society, with our activities. Now we are planning to do the activities with the right understanding.

ASWA has given birth to many individual thoughts, we used to meet on fortnights and monthly to plan our activities and to discuss people who have done selfless service to society (by eradicating evils of society. Personalities include Mr. Sri. APJ Abdul Kalam for motivating children and Youth, Sri. Ganesh Bagaria, for his teachings of how to lead a happy life (Jeevan Vidya), Sri. ANNA HAZARE, and Sri. Popatrao Pawar for developing Model Villages and Sri. Subhash Palekar for Natural Farming, Mr. Jadav Molai Payeng’ spent his lifetime (to built 1350 acres of forest by dedicating almost his lifetime and others).

Then ASWA concluded that we must do design a constructive project for the well-being of society and discussed various thoughts. Two points have given a break to us. they are ‘Great Indian Culture (lifestyle) and Indian Education System’ which can able to drive 360o positive change among future citizens and in society.

Our ancient India is a “Great Leader” to the whole world, in terms of culture, values, ethics, self-sustainability, and respect towards the environment. These things made us the most harmonious country, which is scientifically advanced and socially equal in the world. Interdependence of all systems was evenly balanced, Law of coexistence in the universe was worked well (Universe-Nature-Human – Animal & Birds are interdependent).

The current Education system, though technically students are getting good marks & ranks, is missing to teach important ingredients like Values, Ethics and How to lead a happy life. This is the root cause for many imbalances like LifeStyle, Culture in the name of modernization, advancement & development. It shows that individuals are always unhappy and are just leading life but not living.

These two issues occupied most of the time in ASWA team discussions and felt, being citizens of Great legacy, it is our duty to impart the great Ethics, Culture, and Values in us and pass it on to next generations. This finally it insisted us to take a mission. So by combining both ancient Indian Culture & Education system to be injected into minds of future citizens of India. The idea behind combining both is to provide a 360 degrees committed environment to future citizens. Please see how we are going to achieve and support us to achieve the same.

This is how “CHDHC” designed in our minds, which is a collective effort for the wellbeing of all humans by inculcating universal human values education (Jeevan Vidya) for a happy, peaceful and prosperous living with harmony at all levels – individual, family, society and nature/existence.