Children Learning Center (CLC)

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic made the schooling system of certain underprivileged kids go from bad to worse. The worst consequences of the lockdown were that all schools shut down. While some children/ schools switched to online learning. Many of the children sadly do not have access to mobile phones. It disturbed the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children. The idea of this learning center stemmed from this situation.

  • CLC was initiated in October 2020, primarily for the children of the Government Primary School at Shadnagar who were not attending school due to pandemic and not able to cope-up with online classes. Slowly its all the children in nearby communities started joining.
  • Through this, children were engaged with the process of learning and it helped to develop their language, literacy, and numeracy competencies.
  • The target group was underprivileged Children in Ram Nagar slum area. At present 24 children aged from 3 to 13 years are attending our Learning Center for two hours every day.
  • A volunteer teacher has been recruited with nominal honorarium to sustain this activity. The CLC helps in engaging children even when school is not running, prevents dropout, generates curiosity in children, and facilitates their learning process. Many heart-warming stories of these children motivate the fellow to continue this.
  • Based on community request, we are runnig the CLC after school hours i.e. once children returned from school i.e. 4 to 6pm every day.
  • Children are engaged in the center using various activities. We encourage them to express their ideas, thoughts and learn the language using stories, rhymes, games, drawing, and other activities. We teach them language and literacy using their day-to-day life experiences.
  • Haritha, Sreenivas, Lokeswari (Paid Resource Person) are taking care of this initiative along with community Volunteers (Jyothi, Suresh Viswanatham, Nandini)

With this confidence, in the next three years, ASWA will focus on scaling up the activities of primary education (language, library, literacy, and numeracy) and cater to the 10 primary schools within the Shadnagar area. This includes hand holding the teachers with a personal coaching approach

Further, we are planning to expand CLC programs to a full-fledged Virtual Teacher Learning Center (vTLC) to take literacy and library-related initiatives to both the Telugu state teachers. This will also involve collaboration with like-minded people, NGOs, Schools, and government bodies.