Health Support

Supporting & Guiding Poor Patients

It is said that “Health is Wealth”. ASWA aims at creating a healthy society. We launched the Health Support project in 2008 for supporting the ill health people, financially and morally.

  • Taking health requests from the patients
  • Verifying about the patients’ family and financial status as soon as possible
  • Guiding them with Government schemes available, or if any private organization that has been working
  • Helping them financially if the request meets our criteria
  • Supporting them for their livelihood, making them self-sufficient

Our Criteria

  • Collect Preliminary details in our specified format like Family details, Health Problem and Financial Position with Income Proofs & Doctor authenticated letter with required reports
  • Verify the details by visiting personally collect all necessary documents
  • Request Media (Paper/TV), Friends, NGOs for their support (if necessary & agreed by Patient)
  • Try to Pool up funds from different sources and pay the amount directly to the Hospital

We can extend our support only in the following cases

  • Total Medical expenses required is within our possible reach (Operation/Surgery/Medicines etc.,)
  • When the amount is huge, we will extend our support only if they collected the entire remaining amount
  • If they are willing to take the Ayurvedic/Homeopathy treatment.