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Dear Family members & well-wishers of ASWA,

I am the first happiest person on the planet to witness each moment of 10 years journey i.e. more than 1 lakh hours in extending our help to the fellow human beings as a part of social responsibility. Every step/every moment is a different experience for our learning, which leads to self-analysis on what is our role in the society, what little we can give back to the community in return for the services we have been receiving from the birth till death.

Thank you is a very small word to appreciate the sincere effort of every volunteer, donor, and well-wisher of ASWA, who are contributing their free time and weekends to discharge their responsibility towards society. I can divide the last ten years into 2 phases and the coming 10 years as a whole new phase.

Phase-1 (1 to 5 years): These are the first 5 years, where we had very few volunteers. Connecting new volunteers was very hard then. The founders extended their time not just to participate in the activity but also to take active participation in creating the structure/system by ensuring breadth and depth of the service, based on current social imbalances.

In these 5 years, we focused more on doing different activities to be aware and to know the ground level realities. It has attracted many volunteers with different interests. We can call it as the stage of Forming. We were able to meet few like minded. Activities have been recognized, divided into fields, projects. Leaders have been appointed to delegate the project responsibility. We have also focused on improving the structure & culture of the organization.

Phase-2 (5 to 10 years): Leaders had established their positions and understood how to lead their teams. We were spreading awareness on the cause of the problem adding to its activities. Asking, reviewing, and revisiting the existing plans doing necessary checks as projects. We could see the change in our operations; expansion of organization in different places without compromising quality and values; defining values, policies, procedures, guidance for best result without making activity mechanical. Activities in this phase had very less involvement of founder members.

Phase 3 (10 to 20 years) : In this phase, we want to focus on creating an impact in the society. Few founder members have come forward to dedicate their entire time in achieving our dream project. Besides, we would also continue our regular projects in ASWA.

Everything/all of the above is practically possible only with your dedicated 1 hour time with a passion for helping others. I request everyone to be a part of this toughest journey by extending your committed, dedicated timely, financial resources, guidance to create a measurable, sustainable. Replicable model to prepare active, productive, responsible Individuals citizens Involved in creating a happy and healthy society.

I hope we all do, as we all know helping other fellow human beings is not a social service, but the least that everyone can do as a social responsibility.


Love all-Serve all

Founder President

Sarvaraju. Sreenivasa Prasad Rao

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