Full-time interventions at Shad Nagar -Wipro Fellowship- 2018 – 2021

Objectives of the Project

  • To improve our own knowledge in understanding of children needs causes for children’s learning difficulties and how education can address these
  • To improve our learning on how “Language, Literacy and Numeracy Competences” plays a crucial role in building individual competences
  • To research innovative classroom practices and teaching methods in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Education.
  • To share our knowledge, building a Teacher Learning Communities and spaces (Teacher Learning Center) for their Learning and build the culture of self-learning in the teaching community
  • Also exploring how to bring whole school transformation and building positive image about government schools in the community alongside understanding theoretical and pedagogical aspects of Strengthening Primary School Education, implications to teaching and learning methods, classroom processes.
  • Contributing in developing active, productive, responsible and caring citizens; through strengthening the school education system in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Through this project, we are learning and improving our understanding in this domain along with experimenting and practicing in the classroom. 

From November 2018 onwards

  1. Haritha, one of ASWA’s core team member, is working full time on this project (Wipro Fellow). She is working as a regular teacher at MPP School, Ram Nagar Colony, Shad Nagar
  2. Srinivas is conducting Weekly interventions in MPP School, Chattanpally, Shad Nagar.

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