Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness (CHDHC) was founded in 2018 to promote value education which is universal in nature. The primary focus of CHDHC is to help individuals from all walks of life recognize the happiness within and encourage value-based living resulting in harmony at various dimensions of life like family, society, nature, and within oneself.

CHDHC would like to promote this knowledge in individuals at various stages of life irrespective of their background, country, culture, age, gender, financial status, etc. who are driven by a passion to understand reality and live with meaning and harmony on this planet.

Universal Human Values / Jeevan Vidya is the philosophy propounded by Late Sri A. Nagaraj. This philosophy postulates that Existence (reality) is Coexistence. It is a proposal for an Undivided Society & Balance in Nature.

  1. Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Prepare facilitators to understand Universal Human values and equip skills to facilitate UHV sessions in Student Induction Program (AICTE)

In 2018, AICTE and UGC introduced Student Induction Program to their Undergraduate programs where Universal Human Values are discussed. This initiative aims to prepare faculty to understand Universal Human values and equip skills to facilitate UHV sessions in Student Induction Program.

2. Teacher Professional Development Program (TPDP)

An effective teacher can make a significant impact on generations of students and we all have seen that growing up, how our teachers have inspired and impacted us. Teachers development is critical to society and this program aims to provide holistic perspectives and skills required to enable teachers to take up the responsibility of nurturing students, fostering relationships with children, colleagues, and the school community

3. Student Development Program (SDP)

Interacting with younger generations provides a lot of hope and energy to our team. This initiative aims to motivate and encourage students to have a holistic vision in life and work towards excellence. The reception from students is significant and reinforces the relevance of value education to all age groups.

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