Sreenivasa Prasad Rao Sarvaraju is the founder of ASWA. He completed his master’s in financial management (MFM) and worked as an Analyst in S&P Capital IQ for nearly 10 years. While pursuing the career, he managed to complete MSW and upbringing ASWA from having 10 members to 1000+ members. He strongly believes that if you have a strong desire to serve society, the universe conspires in helping you to do so. His passion is to instill the thought in every individual that helping others is everyone’s responsibility and also helps ASWA to turn into a genuine professional NGO which creates a positive social change. His motive towards society inspired a lot of young and old generations. ASWA now has volunteers of different age groups. His responsibilities do not confine to his duties as President. He pitches as a volunteer when needed, he aids his help in administration, he even spares his time in speaking to new volunteers. He is appointed as a Director to lead all the activities of ASWA.

He is the heart of the association. Presently he is leading and coordinating the entire organization systems and people in it. Starting from the planning of activity to reviewing, making sure that activities are going according to our plans, motivating, and building the capacity of people at different levels in ASWA. On the other hand, he maintains good relations with donors, members, well-wishers, other NGOs. He constantly tries to involve new people into the organization. He also makes sure that all the statutory work is completed on time. His vision for ASWA helped to have a second tier of leadership. He coordinates with all the departments, functions, and activities and instilling this motivation in others. He is spending his full time to understand field of education and organizational development. He donated blood for 46 times and addressed more than 15000 children in 200+ govt. rural school through his career guidance sessions.

Dr. T Sundara Raj Perumal MD Ayurveda MSc Psychology is the Chief Physician and Director of Arogyadhatri Ayurveda Chikitsalayam. He is now Vice president of ASWA and also Samskrita Bharathi Visakhapatnam, Founder of VARAMU charitable trust. Practicing Ayurveda for the past 15 years in both Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, specialized in treating spinal cord diseases. Served as state Joint secretary to Arogyabharathi to create awareness about positive health among the common public. Conducted a number of free medical camps, Health awareness workshops, Health exhibitions in many cities and villages. Built a 40 bedded Ayurveda hospital in Koduru village to provide free health services to surrounding villages. Formulated Holistic Human Health course and conducted many seminars and workshops as a part of Universal Human Values course to attain the goal of Disease-free healthy society.

Giridhar Kolanupaka is an engineer turned social scientist who moved from the USA to India for a social cause. Now he is the Secretary of ASWA. His personal social contributions are:
1. Active volunteer in Asha for Education (since 2001) in Detroit, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, helping NGOs in the education of underprivileged children
2. Long-distance Running and Cycling enthusiast and have been helping charities and NGOs to fund-raise through marathon events
3. Personal interest in taking up education and reformation and hence actively involved in understanding the self (continuous happiness and prosperity) and to facilitate the same to all to create universal order (sarvabhouma vyavastha).
4. Resource person for teaching Jeevan Vidya at AICTE 

Dr. Hari Kumar Voruganti is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal. Along with his profession, he has a passion for developing the holistic human consciousness of a younger generation. This made him take up Human Values work in NITW and contribute towards the induction program and related activities. He has compassion towards understanding his own life through Co-existence based philosophy- Madhyasth Darshan/ Jeevan Vidya. This is what makes him part of the CHDHC team. He is the Joint Secretary of ASWA.

Haritha Vemulapalli, an MBA graduate and worked as a Senior Research Associate in S&P Capital IQ for 8+ Years. She is known for her patience & perseverance. She is committed to the word given. Despite the many hurdles she faced, she never turned back from serving society. She joined ASWA as a volunteer. She initiated the projects Save Life and Vikas – Primary school. She believes that the strength of primary school education holds the most important place. In her initiative of Vikas Primary, she mostly concentrated on language and Literacy Competencies” which plays a crucial role in building individual competencies like “able to think critically and act independently and performing higher education in a meaningful manner”. She is the Executive Members of ASWA. She is not just restricted to the projects, she inspires many people to become volunteers, takes administrative activities, plans the events. Now she is committed to exploring effective classroom processes as a full-time social worker.

Sarath Chandra Vakati completed his MCom and MFM. Works as a Data Researcher, for S&P Global, Hyderabad. He is associated with ASWA since its inception. He strives to serve society as much as possible. He wishes ASWA to be reachable to every indigent. Sarath led the Annam Parabrahmam project for years and now mentoring the same project. He is our Executive Member. He is a very fun-loving person, who values relationships more than any other. He plays a key role in discharging many important administrative and coordinating activities of ASWA in Hyderabad. He is one of the very few members who has been active since his joining. His experiences with ASWA in different capacities are very valuable to the leadership team. Being a board member, he now guides the project leaders and the volunteers of the association. He donated blood 10 times and conducted Career guidance sessions in 15 schools.

Uma Sankar Telideverapalli completed his ICWAI with M. Com and MBA. He works as a Manager at Srinivasa Farms Pvt Ltd. Since the inception of ASWA, we never found a person like this. His calmness and warmth of the smile make the discussions and meetings very pleasant. Being in a hectic routine, he never failed to attend a meeting. His presence gives us a new perspective on every aspect and helps us make the best decision. He was the Secretary and executive member of ASWA. Even after 10 years of journey with ASWA, he always reminisces his first day of visit to an orphanage. He is one of the key people in decision-making. His experience in the field and his understanding of the organization are invaluable. He created the blog for ASWA and educated volunteers on how the proper usage of technology helps associations and society as well. He might seem pretty occupied, but yet helps ASWA. He is now redesigning our website.

Naresh Kumar Burjukadi, M. Com, Works in Distribution Department of Indian Immunological Limited, Hyderabad. He always handles every situation with a smile. His positive energy makes the environment a good space for service activities. He is the Treasurer of ASWA. Naresh, with the goodwill to serve society till his last moment, has worked in the Cheyuta project. Despite his busy schedule, he never said NO to ASWA activities. Now he is mentoring Cheyutha projects, he travels and finds out the background about the student, he gives his complete time in finishing the task and helps the student as fast as ASWA can. As a treasurer his responsibilities are taking care of day-to-day petty cash transactions, Bank interactions, maintaining receipts and bills, Accounts, Finance, taking care of statutory formalities like auditing, filing returns, etc. In his 9 years journey, he played many roles and discharged many responsibilities. His experiences inspire many young people to volunteer for society. He conducted career guidance in more than 50+ rural schools and donated blood nearly 35 times.

Srinivasa Rao Kilaru, MBA. He is Management Professional with a Membership of ICSI, Heading his own firm APBIZ CONSULTING INDIA LLP from Hyderabad. Having experience with strategy formation and planning, he helps ASWA a lot to outgrow as an organization. His valuable inputs give ASWA to be organized, structured, and process-oriented. His feedback and evaluation are very important for ASWA. His relationship with ASWA is from its inception. He is an active member of ASWA. He is maintaining and administering our operating office along with mentoring the project leaders. He is a very key person in our decision-making. He also extends his professional help to the organization. He is very passionate about doing meaningful social work, particularly for environmental protection. He donated blood approximately 32 times.

Naveen Kumar Pagadala, B.Tech, Works as a Network & Security Engineer for Huawei Technologies India Pvt Limited, Bengaluru. Name any activity at any time, you will have Naveen there. He is the most energetic person of ASWA. His thought for doing things for society & on time gives ASWA the opportunity to reach more people. We were able to start the Anantapur chapter because of his dedication. He was the one who has shown ASWA that one can do anything with dedication and determination. He successfully runs our chapter for more than 5 years. He is with ASWA for 10 years. He was an executive member. He got married last year and moved to Bengaluru, so he couldn’t coordinate activities in Anantapur at present. Now he is thinking to restart activities. He donated blood 8 times and conducted a Career guidance session in 20 schools.

Dhanesh Kumar Khakkar, an MBA Finance graduate, works as a Data Analyst for S&P Global, Hyderabad. If the word “dedication” would ever be as a person, its Dhanesh. It might be raining, volunteers might be busy, but Dhanesh would never miss out volunteering in ASWA. despite being completely occupied with the job and personal life, Dhanesh makes sure he does give time to society. He is leading Vikas – Primary school project. Planning and executing weekly interventions in primary schools to improve their basic competencies in Telugu, English, and Mathematics, preparing content and TLMs, classroom teaching and secondary research and motivating team are his responsibilities. He makes certain that students would benefit from the activity. Undoubtedly, he is the most loved volunteer by children at the school. Dhanesh volunteered in other projects as well. He has been conducting weekly sessions in Govt. Primary Schools since 2013 i.e. 7 years. That’s something amazing.

Srinivasa Chakravarthi Borra, MCA, works as a Software Engineer for Cognizant Technologies, Hyderabad. A book worm, a constant learner, who always takes the positive output from any situation. Taking the responsibility of guiding the student during their adolescence needs a lot of patience, and Chakri has it all. He leads the Vikas- secondary school project. He plans and executes various programs to inculcate self-learning and socio-emotional learning. He emphasizes on the habit of book reading in every session he conducts. He guides students in reading books by educating them on different techniques like Book Browsing and book selection. Also, to hold on to students’ interest, he includes Read Aloud, Storytelling, TLM preparation in his sessions. He thinks twice before any decision to made for the project. He is so persistent in guiding a student on the right path. He believed that students guided right, society gets right. He completed his 5+ years in ASWA. He conducted career guidance sessions in 25+ rural schools.

Mahesh Desu, an MBA graduate, works as an Operational Head of Ganaay Millets Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. He is an entrepreneur, yet with no pride works with ASWA for a better society. Regardless of his work, Mahesh leads the Save life project. Conducting quarterly blood donation camps, creating awareness about blood donation and Thalassemia through 2k walks and sessions in institutions, motivating blood donors, arranging blood for people in emergencies, coordinating with other NGOs working towards blood donation are his major responsibilities. He makes sure that the blood requirement goes to as many people as he could so that the requirement is fulfilled when needed. His passion for saving lives through blood donations is really inspiring. His 5+ years of association with ASWA is not just restricted to Save Life, he also involves actively other projects whenever he finds time. He donated blood 23 times. As an individual, he coordinated and arranged 700+ blood donors for people in emergencies and coordinated 18 blood donation camps averaging 1-100 donors per camp. That’s truly amazing. He is an Executive Member of ASWA.

Mani Kumar Kalavala, M.Tech, works as at Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad. A software engineer, father of a baby but Mani is still a baby at heart. He never wants to see anyone unhappy. So, he reaches out to unhappy and makes them happy. He constantly believed that happy people lead to a happy society. He joined ASWA 3 years back and now he is leading Project Share & Care. His responsibilities under this project are Organizing monthly Visits to Orphan, Old age and differently aged homes, Spending quality time with the inmates, Building required competencies in children. It also guides Founders to run the home with ideal practices, extending financial and in-kind support. He mesmerizes people around him in getting into spending time volunteering for the project. He uses his charm to gather at least 10 people to every visit and creates awareness that spreading happiness to the society is very much needed. He conducted Career Guidance in 12 Schools and donated blood for 3 times.

Parameswarachari Sharabu, an MBA graduate, Works as a Research Associate, S & P Global, Hyderabad. Distributing food might not seem difficult. But distributing to people when they need and what they actually need seem more difficult. Paramesh, the kindest heart and strongest person of ASWA, leads the Annam Parabrahmam Project. He explores the options and does research on what kind of food would be suitable for the group that the food is being distributed to. His plan is to distribute at least one Nutritious meal in a month for the needed. He always wants the world to be healthy. So, he makes sure every time ASWA gives away any food, it is nutritious and healthy. His responsibilities include Preparation, transportation, Distribution it to the needy and creating awareness of nutritious food. Since his debut in 2014, he actively contributes to other projects as well. He donated blood for 20 times and conducted Career Guidance Sessions in 22 Schools.