Save Earth

Green Awareness

Saving the environment is our duty. The highly increasing air pollution, rise in temperatures, and depletion of rains tell us that we should take utmost care to save the next generations. ASWA understood its importance and created awareness in urban areas. We have conducted many plantation drives, methods to grow plants easily and explained different methods on reducing plastic usage.

Our objective in “SAVE EARTH” Project is to save our Mother Earth from Global Warming. We visit schools and create awareness about the environment. We plant trees and assign the task of caring those plants to students and teachers. We also plant trees in open place where there is at least one person to take care of the plant.

  • Environmental awareness sessions/classes/Visits in Schools, Colleges, Homes, and Colonies etc.,
  • Plantation Drives
  • Renovation of (Old) Municipal Parks
  • Plastic Awareness sessions