Capacity Building & Exposure Visits – Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of ASWA. Our attention is both on Those who help and those who need help. Unlike most of the organizations who concentrate mostly on activities, we equally emphasize our focus on creating more volunteers. We also provide guidance, exposure, experience and an opportunity to Self study in understanding this service space better and thus inculcating the habit of serving as part and parcel of their lifestyle. ASWA prepares volunteers to do, lead and organize activities whenever and where ever they want. In this journey, we aim to ignite them that “To do something for others is not a social service, it’s our social responsibility.”

So conduct following activities for volunteers self development and also to get more competence in doing and dealing our activities. focus on So we conduct different programs for volunteers too.

  • Exposure Visits to service institutions working in different fields
  • Self and personality development sessions like Jeevan Vidya
  • Leadership development sessions
  • Training’s for Program expertise, planning
  • Recreation tours to energize
  • Get together events