Annam Parabrahmam

Objective is to Provide at least one Nutritious meal to the needy

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of food.” ― Mahatma Gandhi”

We see many destitute in our society who lack food. It’s not just about food. It’s about proper nutrition needed for all ages of people. For the last 10 years, we have distributed food to the needed. But thanks to the government for providing food at a very low cost which reduced hunger deaths. Then we realized that we need to concentrate on nutrition. So, we have started giving fruits in maternity hospitals. Recently we have also started distributing millets which are very much healthy. We planned in 2018, to distribute millet rice or any other Nutri food to inpatients in Koti maternity hospital. This idea was successfully implemented now. It was a great initiation to serve them. Previously we used to prepare food (purchase from) in Hotels. The major change is now our advisory board member Sri. Padmini Bhavaraju Garu is herself cooking the millet food like Millet Rice, Multigrain Chava, Millet Bisibele bath, etc., and personally distributing. This is the biggest change in 2018-19. Her contribution is boundless.

“One of our volunteers used to distribute food to the destitute on the road regularly. This inspired us to start a project for distributing food. We began it in July 2011 and named it Annam Parabrahmam which means “food is the god.” We used to feed the Destitute mentally challenged who are on roads and in dire need of food. We tried hard to join them in the old age / differently-abled homes too. We donated used clothes along with food.

I hope this will help to create a balance between excessive food production and its proper distribution to lower level needy people. In 2013, we visited different Govt. hospitals and based on the collected feedback we started distributing food/fruits to patents and/or their attendees in Govt. Hospitals.

Mr. Parameswara Chari is handling the team with his 6 members’ team.