VIkas – Secondary

Inculcating Self Learning practices and Socio-Emotional Learning in High School Children

Engaging the younger generation is the fundamental step to bring a positive change in society. And we started working with High School children since ASWA’s inception. The broader objective of this project is to Inspire, Motivate, Guide and Encourage underprivileged children in Govt High Schools.

we used to conduct different weekly interventions like conducting various competitions, sessions on memory management, concentration, etc., After attending a few capacity-building workshops, we redefined our objective and decided to work on “Inculcating Self Learning practices and Socio-Emotional Learning” through the library and related activities as a pedagogical tool.”

In 2019-20, We worked with 8th-grade students of Govt. High School, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad to improve their self-learning abilities through book reading and library-related activities. Mr. Srinivasa Chakravarthy and his 5 active members team are leading this project.


  • Access and exposure to different varieties of selected books
  • Book browsing and book selection
  • Book Talks
  • Read aloud and storytelling
  • Followup acvities
  • Book borrowing
  • TLM Preparation
  • Classroom Teaching
  • Secondary Research