Who are we?

The people behind the initiative

Sreenivasa Prasad Rao. Sarvaraju , Founder President

He along with his wife Haritha quit their high paying MNC jobs for lending their helping hands for the needy people in society. They have started “Amma Social Welfare Association (http://www.aswa4u.org/) a decade back and never looked back. They can be said to be one of the altruistic couples on this planet to witness each moment of 10 years journey i.e. more than 1 lakh hours in extending our help to the fellow human beings as a part of social responsibility. He feels that doing something for others is not a social service. It’s our Social Responsibility. He completed his B.Com (Computers) and Master of Social Work (MSW). I believe in humanity. I am committed to building a healthy and happy society through social work and I strongly believe in “helping others is my social responsibility”.  The main reason behind this faith is, my education would have been discontinued at primary level itself if we could not receive help from friends and relatives for our basic needs like food, cloth, shelter, and education when we were really struggling. This motivated me a lot and I started to think about how to help similar people in society. He is a non-paid WIPRO FELLOW and a full-time volunteer of ASWA

Haritha. Vemulapalli, Vice President

She is from an agriculture-based family. She completed my MBA and joined in S&P Capital IQ. From my childhood onwards She used to help my fellow beings and teach my neighbor children. When she was in S&P capital IQ I participated in a home visit conducted by ASWA. In that, she met leprosy and HIV patients directly. This is eye opened day for me. I strongly decided to spend my leisure and weekends for the social cause. She progressed into different roles in ASWA, from a volunteer to vice president and coordinating all educational projects.  Her experience and different researches confirmed that “Basic language and Literacy Competencies” plays a crucial role in continuing secondary & higher education in a meaningful manner, lack of these competencies leading to the present generation not able to think critically and act independently.  So she wants to spend my entire life in acquiring the capabilities to teach and guide the children. To understand this space better she resigned her MNC Job in 2016 and became a WIPRO FELLOW. Now she is working as a full-time Volunteer of ASWA. She is doing research on how to “Strengthen the Primary Schools”