Vikas Career Guidance

Create awareness in High School children on Goal Setting, Different career opportunities available after 10th class

Every student in India decides their career post completing their 10th standard. The step which they take after the 10th will decide their future. Career choice after 10th is not just an easy task to decide upon. One needs to understand his strength, area of interest and then decide which stream to take to have a fruitful career.

Counseling the student after 10th is very important because today there are many courses available in the colleges and schools. Students are confused about what course to take and what course to leave. Just imagine a 10th passed student who must choose his career in a confused state of whether to choose between science, maths, commerce, or to proceed on for 11th & 12th or to choose a diploma or go to junior college. Besides traditional courses a 10th passed student today has many other opportunities such as programming, catering, app development, call center courses and so on.

In view of this, ASWA, with 8+ years of research, hard work and regular interaction with students at the ground, has prepared a CAREER GUIDANCE BOOKLET with all the options available after 10th class for both the Telugu states with detailed information and distributes it to the government school students free of cost. It also includes different scholarships and links to websites to avail of them.


  • Curation, design of a Book with different career opportunities in Telugu
  • Publishing and distributing the Booklet
  • Conducting Career Guidance Sessions
  • Online support and guidance over the phone
  • Organize workshops to prepare Volunteers, NGOs, and Teachers.

ASWA doesn’t stop just in distributing the books.  Volunteers of ASWA go to those schools and give their time in counseling the students about all the courses and scholarships available.

For the individual, offering time and energy through volunteering can help develop new skills, and expand volunteer’s life and work experience, especially when formal work and education opportunities might be limited.

As an organization, ASWA provides a possibility for volunteers to reach to the schools in their native places and conduct these sessions. This has been liked by many NGOs. They started collaborating with us and we supported and guided them in conducting these career guidance sessions. On the other hand, this has given us a chance in reaching more places and people. This has also helped us in finding new volunteers.

Our volunteers take great efforts in conducting these sessions. They travel to remote villages of 2 Telugu states and conduct a session for free of cost. Spending a weekend, not for fun seems to be difficult. But our volunteers travel to remote villages to conduct sessions. They sometimes go to those villages where they might not find the facility for a proper stay.

This is a very popular and well-known booklet, which is loved by children and appreciated by many teachers, students and NGOs in 2 Telugu states. On average we receive one call per day with children’s doubts. Mr. Chalapathi & Mr. Veeranjaneyulu is leading this project along with 7 active members. In 2019-20 we conducted sessions in 43 schools by distributing 2000 booklets. Overall, we reached 1.2 lakhs students in 1500+ schools in these 8 years.

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