Volunteers – Participation

When there is a WILL – There is a Way, Life is all about how we prioritize

There are many members of this Group, but only 1% are participating actively.

I know, You are not able to spend time directly in helping others due to your professional, personal and family engagements, which is understandable.

In spite of all these difficulties, YOUR HEART is searching for the opportunities to Give Back to the society. Am I right ??

To assists you in this situation, ASWA is giving the following opportunities. These works are very very helpful and important for ASWA to continue their noble deeds.

– *Spread ASWA and it’s activities In your circle (FB, Whatsapp)*

– *Motivate and Involve people you know in ASWA*

– *Extend Online & Indirect Help to ASWA*

– *Donate Monthly Contribution to ASWA*

– *Collect Donations from your circle to help ASWA*

– Lots of work is waiting for volunteers, your (direct/indirect) involvement is just required.

*ASWA can’t help as Many Poor and Needy,* without your participation and involvement


Love all-Serve all
Amma Sreenivas

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