Weekly Session at Primary Schools on 11.02.2019

Hi all,

This Monday 11/2/2019 we have successfully completed our 23rd regular weekly session at Kanya Gurukul high school, DK road from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. And 9th regular weekly session at GBE school from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm.

Please find the highlights of the session:

@ Kanya Gurukul high school:

1. Session started with a prayer.

2. Taken attendance and seating arrangement.

3. Given G.K material to the group leaders and told to do revision with their team members.
Next week we are conducting Quiz competition for this.

4. Conducted dictation for Telugu hard words.

5. Continuation and Completion of the song ” shantini sankalpinche”

6. Sirisha madam explained about Communication, it’s types with the help of Skit and games.

7. Explained how Quiz competition will be conducted.

Thanks to all the volunteers and teachers for their participation and making this event a great success.

Volunteers participated :

1. Sirisha madam.
2. Dhanesh.


@ GBE school

1. As a part of revision told them to write Achulu, hallulu and gunintalu.

2. Checking of project work.

Volunteers participated:
1. Dhanesh.

Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.

For more details please contact me on 8885290990.


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