Weekly Session in Primary School on 11.03.2019

Hi all,

This Monday (11/3/2019) we have successfully conducted Oral exam and one energizer activity at Kanya Gurukul high school from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

Please find the highlights of the session :

1. Conducted Oral exam with the support of 4 volunteers who were the invigilators here.

2. Revision for written exam.

3. Energizer activity to overcome fear of exam where we asked each group to play a skit or drawing etc and explain what are the reasons of getting less marks and ways to get good grades.

Thanks to all the volunteers who has done a great work as an invigilators and teachers for their participation and making this event a great success.

Volunteers participated :

1. Nagaraju puligadda.
2. Janaki vani madam.
3. Venkateshwara Rao Sir.
4. Sujatha.
5. Balu Mahendra.
6. Dhanesh.

Please give your valuable suggestions in this regard.

For more details please contact me on 8885290990.


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